Wishing all the Hujaaj a Blessed and Accepted Hajj

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Labbayk, Allahumma labbayk, labbayk,la sharika laka labbayk, inna ’lhamda wa ‘n-ni’mata laka wa ‘l-mulk la sharika lak – Hajj the fifth pillar of Islam.

To all those hounoured guests of ALLAH performing Hajj this year: know that there is no greater act then Hajj, besides going out for Jihad and becoming a matyr. Remember that no matter what difficulties may come, it is trivial in comparison to the reward for an accepted Haj. Remember the Ummah in your dua’s, we greatly need your Dua’s.

Spend as much time performing good deeds; kindness to others, feeding people, holding your tongue from vain or vulgar talk, zikr, and astaghfar. We wish you a beneficial & uplifting HAJJ, and pray it is accepted – from all of us at Ammanah IFS.


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