Dawah Street Signs

At Ammanah we are constantly looking for social responsibility programmes that are unique and that fill our company objectives of enjoining in good and forbidding in evil. As such our objectives with the Area Boards are to create an Awareness and Remembrance in the hearts and minds of people about the attributes of God (ALLAH)

Why we have chosen to erect these Street Boards

Our aim was twofold:

a)     Firstly to erect boards where people would always pass by them and remember ALLAH and his many attributes. By doing this people would remember Him (ALLAH), even if it be for a second while they are driving around in their daily activities. Here we are reminded about one of many a prophetic saying by which the Prophet (peace be upon him) says something to the effect “He (ALLAH) says – if you remember ME (ALLAH) in Prosperity I (ALLAH) will remember you in Adversity”

b)      Secondly we wanted to create awareness about God (ALLAH) amongst people that are not familiar with HIS (ALLAH’s) qualities and attributes. In this way we hoped insha ALLAH to plant a seed in their hearts and minds about God (ALLAH) and thus lead them to wanting to know more about Islam.

Where we have chosen to put up these Street Boards:

1.       In areas which have a high density of Muslims resident’s
2.       In areas which have a high density of Non-Muslims resident’s
3.       On specific travel routes which have a huge volumes of traffic daily

How Can You get involved:

We believe that these boards are a unique Dawah tool in that it’s very subtle yet at the same time creating interest. As such if you know of any boards that are strategically placed to serve our aims then please let us know so that we can action it. Alternatively you may  want to sponsor a street  board or billboards.

If you would like to get involved in this programme than please contact us on info@ammanah.co.za

Please remember that boards are subject to availability and price.

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