Rising water table and rains in Joburg can damage your property.

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It is vital to ensure that you maintain and upkeep your property at all times. But in light of the recent rains and and rising water tables, as shown in the article below from SAPA, we are urging all our clients to take immediate action in order to protect their properties.

Obviously we will do all we can to assist in any claims that arise from rain or flood damage, but it must be borne in mind that if the damage is caused over time or wear and tear, then it will not be covered. By not ensuring adequate drainage for your property you may end up with damage such as damp, cracks, leaking roofs (if your waterproofing is old or worn out and gutters are not cleaned) and worst of all erosion, all of which will not be covered under your insurance policy.

Please take head of this fact as it is real and be aware as this incident is not a covered peril.

Rising water table flooding Joburg

Johannesburg – Roads and properties in Johannesburg are becoming flooded from the rising water table, the Star reported on Wednesday.

Underground water was seeping through the roads and causing huge sinkholes and flooding neighbouring properties, according to the newspaper.

Residents were resorting to installing drainage systems at a cost of about R250 a running metre.

If they did not install them, water could get into the foundations of their houses and start eroding them, said Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) engineer Andre Nel.

He said the surface water was caused by rain water seeping into underground layers of soil.

It was trapped by a rocky layer, could not seep any deeper, and resulted in a rising of the water table.

The affected areas included Parkwood, Orange Grove and Houghton, Eldorado Park, Roodepoort, Randburg, Soweto and Lenasia.

The JRA would install drainage systems on roads, but did not work on private properties.


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