Important tips for Motor related claims

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Some important tips for motor accident claims


Always contact us immediately after a claim occurs. You usually have up to 30 days to notify us of a claim, and in cases of theft or hijacking, it must be done within 24 hours.

In the event of a claim occurring after hours (motor accident, burst geyser/pipe or if you require a locksmith resulting in damages from a break-in to your home) please call Takafol Assist on 0861 825 236

Please remember that in the event of a motor collision & if you need your vehicle to be towed, you need to use our AA approved towing companies only which will be sent to you by Takafol Assist when you call for assistance. Should you use any other towing company you will be liable for the cost.

Always remember that if another party is involved (be it their vehicle or home) we require a police case number. If the 3rd party is @ fault please remember to take down the make, model & color of the vehicle, vehicle registration number, the name of the driver as well as his address, contact numbers & ID number. Where applicable insurance details as well.

A common mistake that clients make when they are involved in an accident & the other party is liable is that they forget to obtain the police report from their nearest police station before it is sent away to the bigger branches & the cost involved for retrieving the report increases. This is very important when we do a recovery on your behalf.

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