Have a property loss or damage claim?

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IMPORTANT TIPS for property loss or damage including contents

Your domestic building cover, would cover your geyser, glass, built in cupboards, gates,etc (usually fixed to your property)

Your domestic contents cover will cover your appliances, furniture, etc. (items in your home, but not items outside your home or of a mobile nature such as cellphones or laptops- this can be covered under All Risks)

If you suffered a property loss and need to file a claim:

  • Contact Ammanah immediately (or the assist centre outside normal office hours for geyser claims) to report your loss.
  • Do not rush into repairs or rebuilding without first getting instructions from your adjuster, since your Takafol operator needs to have a visual inspection if necessary before repairs begin. Do not throw away damaged property until your adjuster advises you it is all right to do so. However, keep in mind that you have an obligation to mitigate your damages from further loss. Insurance policies may not cover ensuing damage to your property if you have not taken reasonable steps to protect against subsequent property damage.
  • An assessor is normally appointed within 24 hours (excluding weekends & public holidays) of submitting your completed claim form.
  • Your claim number will be sent to you via sms or email.
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of destroyed or damaged items.
  • Remember your jewellery is only covered if you keep it in a mounted, locked safe and have given us proof of your jewellery items prior to a claim.
  • If you have taken pictures of important and valuable items or have any other form of identifying of your property and possessions as well, please provide a copy to us or the assessor/adjuster. This will help to settle your claim quickly and efficiently.
  • Keep copies and or records of all communication between you and the assessor.
  • If you are experiencing any difficulty with the processing of your claim, contact us on 0861 786 393 for further assistance, or send us a message on the contact page mentioning your details, concerns and claim number.


(It is vital to ensure you covered your property at their replacement value at the time of taking cover, as under insurance means you will be paid proportionately less than your claim if under insured.)


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