Ammanah IFS welcomes Zurich and Takaful Africa

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ALhamduliLLAH. All praise is due to ALLAH for providing us with a new and inshALLAH very beneficial partner for Takaful: Zurich Insurance.

Zurich is one of the largest insurers globally and bring years of local and international experience to the table.

We all at Ammanah are very excited to be a  part of the Zurich family and looking forward to many years of growth and progress for all concerned, including the insurance industry and the Muslim community as well.

The new company tasked with handling all of the Takaful products with Zurich is Takaful Africa.

Takaful Africa will be headed up by a very experienced and familiar Takaful pioneer, Umair Jassat. Umair has been involved in the Takaful industry in South Africa virtually from its inception and has continued to grow and learn over the 12 years of its growth.

We at Ammanah IFS wish Umair the best and assure him of our total support and assistance to ensure the continued success and growth of Takaful in South Africa.

Again we thank our CREATOR for making this all possible and hope that teh Msulim community embraces and takes this opportunity to leave riba, for Good!

Please click on the link below to view the Shariah Certificate of Takaful Africa, which has been approved by very prominent Ulema.

Shariah Certificate Takaful Africa

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