Ammanah IFS now officially the largest Takaful broker

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AlhamduliLLAH, Ammanah IFS was given an award by Absa insurance for being the largest Broker in Gauteng 2012.

(we believe this naturally means the largest in South Africa, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day)

The assumption that providing Shariah compliant products or doing only Islamic products impedes a person or an entities growth was simply proven to be false. Because Ammanah IFS showed positive growth again and this also meant that demand for Takaful and Islamic products was still growing at a higher rate than the conventional products.

The award was welcomed by us all, we never knew that we had made such an impact or created such growth in the Islamic financial area. The staff at Ammanah were delightfully surprised and welcomed the award as recognition for some of the hard work they have put in.

We thank Absa Takaful for recognising our achievement, and more importantly we must thank our loyal clients, who believed in Takaful as well as entrusting Ammanah IFS with their assets. I think this more than anyone else this award goes to our clients for their firm belief in Islamic insurance and for making something like this possible.

We at Ammanah IFS will only be motivated by this to improve our service and product offering to our clients.

We humbly request your dua’s; that HE continue to enable us all to grow with riba free products.

Should you have any comments,  ideas or criticisms, please feel free to contact us with them.


on behalf of Ammanah IFS

Noor Mohammed


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