Why Choose Ammanah?

  • No riba – free from interest
  • Shariah Compliant
  • Care and understanding of your needs
  • Protecting your assets against defined risks
  • Peace of mind
  • Friendly and efficient service

    Financing properties or vehicles? 

    Need cover within an hour?

    At competitive rates?

    Then Ammanah is for you.

    You can cover a R1 million rand home from as little as R270 per month! (includes R1 million public liability)

    Now with Ammanah all existing clients can cover their new assets within an hour (subject to t’s & c’s).

    Leaving riba is easy and costs less than you think. 

    Leave riba for Good

    Have you seen our Street Signs

    At Ammanah we are constantly looking for social responsibility programmes that are unique and that fill our company objectives of enjoining in good and forbidding in evil. As such our objectives with the Area Boards are to create an Awareness and Remembrance in the hearts and minds of people about the attributes of God (Allah)
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    Tie Your Camel

    A famous Hadith which shows that one must take precautions to minimize risks.

    Narrated by Hazrat Anas Bin Malik (R.A.), one day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel without tying it. He (PBUH) asked the Bedouin,
    “Why don’t you tie down your camel?”
    The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah.”
    The Prophet (PBUH) then said, “Tie your camel first, and then put your trust in Allah.”
    (Sunan At-Tirmidhi,.1981).


    Tie your camel first...and then put your trust in ALLAH